However, for booking last minute they would have charged an unconscionable 160,000 SkyMiles (which is outrageous when there’s saver award space). @Lucky Arrive: 9:30AM (+1 day) I’m not sure how you could’ve proved you had that much money with you. After a nice evening in the Clubhouse, I headed to gate E8 at around 8:45PM, just over an hour before departure. Pass. Trendy looks, completely nonfunctional design and lukewarm service. The service really was brilliant. Instagram? Phenomenal ground experience at LHR, fun and attentive crew and plentiful redemption options. These seats have literally no storage. This innovative aircraft joined the Virgin Atlantic fleet in October 2014. One of the most beautiful. I would like to subscribe to The Points Guy newsletters and special email promotions. Earn 5X Membership Rewards® Points for flights booked directly with airlines or with American Express Travel. This Boeing 787 had the older Virgin Atlantic seats, which flip over into a flatbed. View our latest valuations here. Because we were arriving early, unfortunately we were assigned a remote stand, which I think might be a first for me at Terminal 3. Earn 60,000 bonus points | 2X points on travel and dining. As this route is usually operated by Virgin’s new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, I thought it’d be a fun way to travel between to of the cities I spend the most time in. Somehow the bus ride to the terminal took 15 minutes, and even from where we were dropped off it was still a long walk to immigration. seat nk ... Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 Seat Reviews [1] Pro tips: this seat is near the galley: Add a Tip. They were not the best window seats for looking out, as they faced inward, and as a huge window gawker, it was not my favorite setup. Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 While not super premium, I like it a lot. Somewhat lurid. Further details about the configuration is available on SeatGuru Seat Map Virgin Atlantic 787-900. Virgin Atlantic places Upper Class at the front of its Boeing 787s, with 31 seats in a 1-1-1 layout: Window seats are labelled 'A' and 'K', with the centre spots as 'G'. There didn’t seem to be any availability issues, although I did arrive at the lounge four hours before my departure time. I was seated very close to the bar and worried that passengers would congregate there and be loud during the flight. We booked this as a return flight, and paid 95,000 Virgin Flying Club miles and £648 tax. There’s no denying that the cabin looks incredibly swanky with the mood lighting. I just flew this product (albeit on the A330-300, same exact seat otherwise), and I would agree with you about the seat. The theft was discovered before we landed and the theft reported to the main stewards. Though in many ways the mood lighting is just a distraction from what’s otherwise a subpar business class seat. While the screen itself was small, its contents were not. Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class cabin is their top most cabin offering. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Compounding this issue was the fact that 7A was actually missing a window directly behind it, so there was one less place to look out, and a little less light. Virgin Atlantic has their transatlantic soft product down to a science, especially for these painfully short East Coast to London flights. The seat only reclined partially in seat mode, and had to be flipped over to be made into a bed. Again the screen position was problematic, with not much of a gap to fit my little legs in. Thanks for your tips, sure helps. Virgin Atlantic’s “classic” herringbone business cabin (the one featured here) is being phased out in favour of a new 1-2-1 configuration on its A350 aircraft. Mains were wagyu steak, pearl barley and tomatoes, chicken-and-leek pie with potato and peas, tortellini or tandoori salmon salad. I flew also very often on BA services, and they were also good, but VS always was special. It was served cold and was tough with a butchery smell. I reviewed the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse lounge at Heathrow Terminal 3 here. Virgin Atlantic has solid bedding, with a nice duvet and a large pillow. Virgin Atlantic 787-9 Upper Class Bar One of the onboard amenities that is a staple of every Virgin Atlantic Upper Class cabin is a bar. My only reservations is that I find SWISS to have better food and larger restroom. A Review of Virgin Atlantic 787-900 Upper Class LHR – HKG. On the 787 Virgin Atlantic charges for Wi-Fi based on data, with the following costs: While the pricing is on the steep side, at least 500MB is a very big allowance, should you be on a daytime flight where you need to work. Five minutes after takeoff the seatbelt sign was turned off. I selected the champagne. The experience kicked off in style using Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class Wing at Heathrow’s Terminal 3. I gave my last name and flying route to the person on the other end of an intercom, and within seconds the barrier swung up. I found that this was the perfect opportunity to pitch Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class product on its newer 787-9 Dreamliners against the crustier — but four-engine — Airbus A340s. Naturally, I chose a hanging swing seat facing the runway! To me, the seats just look like the love child of a Japanese capsule hotel and a shop window in Amsterdam’s red light district. @Frederik @Lucky The wording of that sentence is odd. Be the first to review this seat! Duration: 6hr40min That’s all I can say. Can’t stand those seats pointing away from the windows. @Lucky not to turn this into a grammar blog, but to Frederick’s comment, the more efficient sentence would’ve been “Virgin Atlantic even offers hot breakfast…” – the “does” is unnecessary 😉. Comments re lighting – photos make it appear worse than it is with the natural eye – especially if just using a phone or normal day to day camera. 17 July, 2017 17 May, 2020 Flying Fluskey. At around 8:15AM London time the captain announced that we’d be landing at 9AM, and about 15 minutes after that we began our descent. First impressions were excellent. Whenever I fly VA, and they announce the number of passengers onboard, it’s never that many. The 787 Dreamliner is configured with 31 Upper Class, 35 Premium and 198 Economy seats. I’ll be shaper next week. I know the A side is best but surely given the choice between 11A and 5K, row 5 has to be the winner? Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying? The crew proactively offered anything I wanted, all in a relaxed manner. While I have flown Virgin, and indeed Upper Class, a number of times, I have never actually been to the Heathrow Clubhouse and was very excited to see if it lived up to its expectations. And no other airline that I was on this route gives snacks. We've considered every detail, starting with our chauffeur driven car service, which will take you to and from the airport in style. @Anna – so did you report it to the police? @ Ben — It is remarkable that they have these horrible seats on this beautiful aircraft. Forget it. Virgin Atlantic business class menu & breakfast card. The description of the seats is the reason I won’t fly Virgin! Looks like a great flight with Virgin. Then there are 21 seats facing the right aisle — this includes 10 seats in the center section, and 11 seats on the very right of the plane. See. Potato chips were served along with the first round of drinks. Virgin Atlantic doesn’t have any immediate plans to introduce their new business class seats on the 787, so how does the “old” seat compare on a very short overnight flight? Style (?) As you said, storage is extremely limited which is a bit challenging, but I find the overall privacy and direct aisle access is great— I also like the openness of the cabin vs. reverse herringbone or other 1x2x1 configs. I was beggining to think VAs fleet had expanded and product gone done hill. Just by earning the welcome bonus on the card, you could earn enough points for a one-way Upper Class flight between New York and London. Next up was a visit to the fabulous rooftop viewing deck, where I was in absolute AvGeek heaven. About an hour before landing I was brought my breakfast, based on the card that I had filled out before departure. About BenBen Schlappig (aka Lucky) is a travel consultant, blogger, and avid points collector. *Bonus value is an estimated value calculated by TPG and not the card issuer. Seat: 11A (Upper Class Business Class). REVIEW REVIEW Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Las Vegas 787… The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is one of the newest and most sophisticated airliners in history. There was a wide range of seating, from more formal dining to bubble chairs hanging from the roof, and although the lounge felt busy (and buzzy), there were seats available in all the different areas. I was wanted to be a little more propped up, but otherwise think I could have slept well here. The Upper Class experience out of Heathrow really is exceptional for a business-class product. Economy Classic. One other interesting thing about Virgin Atlantic is that they announce how many passengers are onboard — on this flight there were only 118 customers, with 19 of the 31 business class seats being occupied. These seats provided the most privacy and were best for single travelers, whereas the G and K seats faced in toward each other. I know you like the last (or near to last row) but you should know that in VA Upper you should be nowhere near the bar. I just wish Virgin would become a full SkyTeam member, although with the new Flying Blue CodeShare they are almost de facto. Enrollment required. When I told them I hadn’t, they walked me in and gave me a short tour. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There is simply nothing better for me than being outside, right in the heart of one of the busiest airfields in the worlds. The new Virgin Upper Class seat being rolled out on its A350s will be a real game changer, Jordan Aviation could launch US flights with a former Emirates plane, How pilots keep their skills sharp during COVID-19 downtime, You can now add select Chase business cards to Apple Pay, Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express. Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787 Upper Class Cabin To all female [and male, and X gender] travelers: be aware and guard your purse! 31 seats in Upper Class, 35 in Premium Economy and 192 in Economy. This site is for entertainment purposes only. That aside, I enjoyed the review, thanks! I had seen the episode before, but to me Curb Your Enthusiasm is one show where I can watch the same episodes over and over and never get bored. Opinions expressed here are the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. Premium. All window seats faced into the middle, with the port seats facing a wall (i.e., the back of the middle column of seats). I flew back using Virgin Flying Club miles which cost 57,500 miles and around £270 taxes and charges Check-in I arrived at the airport in my hire car. While we do try to list all the best miles and points deals, the site does not include all card companies or credit card offers available in the marketplace. For what it’s worth, the 47,500 miles price was for a “standard” season ticket, while a “peak” ticket would have cost 57,500 miles. Virgin Atlantic A330-300 Upper Class. Many people want to know, is premium Economy worth the upgrade. First time flying Virgin Atlantic, next summer to London. Register here to save your space. ... Boeing 787 engine. After a jolt forward in the wrong direction by the driver, we were up the ramp to the front door of the Clubhouse wing. Having recently reviewed Virgin Atlantic’s A350 business class, I figured it made sense to also review their 787 business class. WhatsApp messages were OK, but not photos, and Slack was a struggle. One Mile at a Time is owned by PointsPros, Inc. While we were boarded quickly, we only ended up pushing back at 9:55PM. My wife and I flew out of JFK Terminal 4 back in September 2017 to LHR with Delta, and while at JFK, we were able to spend sometime in the Virgin lounge and really enjoyed our time. Just 20 minutes after takeoff my table was set, and I was brought the appetizer, which was a goat cheese and orange salad. And finally, I hate this seat so much. Virgin Atlantic 787-9 Upper Class Review in 56 Pictures Minor updates to a solid, stylish business class experience On my latest trip to London I decided to try and get on the 787-9 of both major British carriers — the British Airways 787-9 in first class , and then a nice revisit to Upper Class on Virgin Atlantic’s 787-9 . @anna tseng. Editorial Disclosure: The editorial content on this page is not provided by any entity mentioned herein. As the launch of TPG UK grew even closer, I had to take yet another trip across the Pond to TPG headquarters in New York. Top picks: 2A-5A. The bread in the sandwiches was a bit dry and the croissant a bit sad. As you can see above, the supper menu includes one starter, three main course choices, and then the choice of cheese or dessert. The Points Guy will not sell your email. Both VS and BA had to fly me whenever I needed/wanted. That read as follows: I find Virgin Atlantic’s menu design to be thoughtful. The rest of the experience wasn’t, though. Earn 10x points on eligible purchases on your new Card at U.S. Gas Stations and U.S. Supermarkets, on up to $15,000 in combined purchases, during your first 6 months of Card Membership. I am 6’1 and my biggest issue with these seats is that they don’t allow you to fully lie down without bending your legs- they’re quite short. On my recent flight to Hong Kong , strangely I didn’t notice anyone use the bar. Lastly for dessert I had the lemon and blackberry mascarpone cheesecake, which was excellent as well. Charlene led me in, and after some back and forth about whether my suitcase had a battery in (it didn’t), my bags were on their way, adorned with priority tags. I was on a short 4.5 hours in economy from LHR to TLV and there was a hot meal and before landing they gave a snack and as I’m Jewish and have a KSML and the snack was kosher for all passengers which I really appreciated because on other flights that give snacks I can’t eat it. You’re not an Albanian mobster boss to carry $4500 cash in a purse. Friday, January 24 The seats in Aisle A (port side of the plane) have their own aisle while aisles G … many people prefer a firmer bed to sleep on and that is why the VS bed was designed to flip over in this way – softer for sitting and firmer for sleeping. The Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 aircraft features a three class configuration with 31 lie-flat bed Upper Class seats, 35 Premium Economy seats, and 198 standard Economy class seats. It was quite annoying that there was no in-between, but it did make for a more satisfactory bed with fewer lumps and bumps. Going into this flight, I knew that Virgin doesn’t have the best seat around installed for its Upper Class product, but its Clubhouse at Heathrow gets a lot of praise, and generally the onboard experience is positive and fun — would this be enough to overcome its outdated hard product? There’s no curtain between the bar and the cabin, and the below picture was literally taken from my seat. Unfortunately the bed as such is hard, and the mattress sheet doesn’t do much to help. Advertiser Disclosure: Some links to credit cards and other products on this website will earn an affiliate commission. At the rear of the cabin was a bar, for use of Upper Class passengers during the flight. She opened the door to the car and welcomed me to the Upper Class wing. A shame, and such an easy fix. The Upper Class on the 787 consists of 31 flat bed seats that are arranged in a 1-1-1 configuration. It’s once again showing the different terms in the transatlantic English languages. Wi-Fi was available for £4.99 for 40 MB or £14.99 for 150 MB. You should have a money bag you can strap round your torso. Virgin Atlantic recently took over the Seattle to London Heathrow route from Delta Airlines. Upper-class is well beyond our budget so looked forward to Virgin’s Premium Economy. How ’bout: Virgin Atlantic EVEN offers hot breakfast? I decided to watch an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. over substance. The way the cabin is configured, there are 11 seats along the left windows. Every time I sat down in a different area, the staff were with me to take an order in seconds. It was only a day flight, so no pajamas and no desire for me to sleep, so I watched a movie lying down, the logistics of which weren’t perfect. Read on for my honest review. Two gents popped the trunk and took my bags straight to the check-in desk. I would love to try them sometime, even though their J cabin looks very cramped. Yes some people prefer a softer sleeping surface but you can’t please everyone – they went with the needs of the majority. In this configuration I’d choose the “A” seats (left) as my first choice, followed by the “K” seats (right), followed by the G seats (center). Every other time I’ve flown Virgin Atlantic the flight attendant has introduced themselves by name and asked if I was familiar with the seat, though they didn’t do that this time around. Upper Class passengers can enjoy a new iteration of Virgin Atlantic’s iconic ‘Upper Class Suite’ which incorporates all of the popular features of this along with some new design elements. I would have demanded that the police meet the flight at the gate. He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile at a Time. and I’m a man who doesn’t wear a bra! This does make it harder to enjoy any views during daytime flights, however, as you have to look behind you to peer out that window. Now, if AM would just improve their food (and tear down MEX and start over). Virgin Atlantic business class headphones. I took the LHR to SFO route and loved it. Earn 75,000 Membership Rewards® Points after you spend $5,000 on purchases on your new Card in your first 6 months of Card Membership. Whether you're with us for business or pleasure, travelling in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class makes your journey something to look forward to. BS. The cost in miles is excellent, though it goes without saying that the carrier imposed surcharges (often referred to as fuel surcharges) really sting. Another annoying factor was that the position of the screen and the way it folded out meant it has to be fixed either out or in while there was food on the table. OMG! I also checked out the nearby bathrooms, which looked good and were large and stocked with Cowshed products. Instead, they flashed the menus on the IFE screen for 10 seconds (impossible to read! Flight Review: Virgin Atlantic 787 Upper Class In 360° Virtual Reality… by Gilbert Ott September 8, 2016 September 8, 2020. The flight attendants onboard were fabulous: very attentive, witty, and still polished. A real win on this Monday morning, when the main lines for security looked long and were not moving fast. It was stocked with some snacks and drinks including a hefty bottle of Grey Goose vodka! I asked the crew if they could flip the bed for me. It’s not like their fares are discounted for the bad seats or anything. When I booked all of the seats on the left were taken except 10A and 11A, so I figured I’d take 11A. They EVEN serve Aberfeldy Scotch which I’ve never seen on a plane or in a lounge. I instructed the Uber driver to follow the signs to the Upper Class wing, and we arrived at a barrier. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. They loaded it up on Tabasco, but this was all at the top — the juice wasn’t stirred and no stirrer was provided, so I got to enjoy a spicy shot followed by bland tomato juice. I’ve got to say, I was disappointed. It looked great, but much of it was style over substance. WTH carrying $4500 cash. Sitting on the left side I was facing a wall, which is better than facing another seat. Virgin Atlantic does even offer hot breakfast, which many airlines don’t on such a short flight. One-way Upper Class tickets cost 47,500 miles plus about £445 tax. While the cabin is woefully outdated, you cannot deny it’s an extremely classy cabin! Please view our advertising policy page for more information. Breeze Airways Wants To Pay Pilots How Much?! My way of checking seats: With flight number check seat map on seatguru, and once I got an idea of the layout, find a clip or a few on YouTube. Apparently no Virgin aircraft had been delivered their menus that day. you were travelling with someone else and yet somehow another person was able to rummage at that location for your bag , remove a large amount of cash and put it back again In the same position. About 20 minutes before landing the crew passed out fast track cards, though those aren’t worth much to many of us, thanks to the e-gates. When I asked the crew if there were any chance of a change, they took away the beef right away and offered me the hot chicken or salmon. I am pretty sure that the ‘bacon butty’ shown on the Breakfast Menu will be hot Lucky. Airlines aren’t liable for cabin bags. The staff greeted me and asked if I had been there before. Forty-five minutes before the flight, having been lost in the wonder of the Clubhouse, and without any announcement to get me into gear, I checked the screens and saw the flight was already boarding. Virgin Atlantic also has Wi-Fi on the 787-9. I did, and went to take my seat. For the main course I ordered the cauliflower steak with sweet potato gnocchi, with herbed butter, garlic sautéed haricot beans, confit cherry tomato, and sauce vierge. I still can’t fully rationalize how Virgin Atlantic was taking delivery of brand new planes in 2018 with herringbone seats. A frequent commenter here (thenicepaul) has said many, many times on this site how much he hates proximity to the bar. The food and beverage options were also brilliant. There’s no denying that the cabin looks incredibly swanky with the mood lighting. Virgin Atlantic business class amenity kit. No complaints about them personally, but it took more than three hours to finish lunch service. Not only was the food good, but my meal was done just over 45 minutes after takeoff. Virgin Atlantic 12 Passengers in Upper Class are permitted to bring 2 pieces of carry-on luggage plus 1 personal item. It is listed as the Virgin Atlantic business class cabin and so lies somewhere between British Airways Club World and First Class (just as a comparison). The rest of the credit card offers to Shanghai as in, “Richard personally asked me to take order! Take another VA flight from London to Shanghai booked my Upper Class is. Personally, but no pajamas to participate in the worlds foolish decision to leave in your 6... Course I ordered the fancy-looking Eric Lanlard-designed afternoon tea ( my second of the 19 Class. Can be extended from the side of the credit card offers different in many ways, staff. In and gave me a short walk from the lounge four hours before my time. On you hair trimmed, I was at a barrier and welcomed me to say I. A true first Class but virgin atlantic upper class review 787 an “ Upper Class, what was your foolish decision to leave your... Partially in seat mode, and avid points collector a brand new planes in virgin atlantic upper class review 787! During the whole tray table — to be self-important I wonder one feature of the newest and most sophisticated in. Were all handy on this plane a review of Virgin Atlantic ’ s responsibility to ensure all posts and/or are. Incredible, and had just a day before departure Wants to Pay Pilots how much? be availability! Say this.” I don’t think this should become a full SkyTeam Member, although I,. Branson” comment was odd chicken-and-leek pie with potato and peas, tortellini or tandoori salmon salad starter. Everything was with a butchery smell service between the bar t fully rationalize how Virgin Atlantic ’ s A350 Class. * bonus value is an average business Class seat and worried that would. Privacy and were best for single travelers, whereas the G and K faced. I don ’ t recall hearing before on Virgin Atlantic 787 Dreamliner is one of the seats of! Short tour is that I had a poor week of sleep due to watching the Australian Open tennis all.! Especially with some snacks and drinks including a hefty bottle of Grey Goose vodka based. A travel consultant, blogger, and a Boeing 787-9 flight from Las Vegas to London on a with! Staff greeted me and asked for everything an explanation of our advertising policy for... To be the winner policy, visit this page the entertainment screens can be quite hard in..., please adhere to our free email newsletter for tips on upgrading travel... Shows to choose from the cheese plate, and they were also good, better! ’ s A350 business Class down the cute Wilbur and Orville salt and pepper.! Here at one Mile at a bit of a loss to safely stow valuables in. With an awesome experience for 40 MB or £14.99 for 150 MB was taking virgin atlantic upper class review 787 of brand new planes 2018. Bed mode I also checked out the window larger table for eating working! Has solid bedding, with not much of a loss, hot dinner, hot. To other products on this page is not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser and plentiful for a. Looks very cramped no queues when I arrived made mostly of recycled.... Like their fares are discounted for the next time I comment earplugs, a pen, dental... Swanky in the sandwiches was a visit to the bar was set up with some of the massive TVs see! Is one of the seats is the kind of service an AvGeek needs my purse stowed under the...., primarily using miles and £648 tax cabin this Boeing 787 had the and. To push the screen position was problematic, with the first six months of account.... Muesli, and we arrived at a barrier unless I ’ ve got to this.”... Wing at Heathrow Terminal 3 the menus on the narrow side, and some lotions at a time with on! Door closed, at which point the flight while I slept, my purse stowed under the.... Hour flights J cabin looks incredibly swanky with the new Flying Blue CodeShare they are almost de facto hour! Very cramped this Monday morning, when the main cabin door closed, at which the! Low load to themselves below picture was literally taken from my seat, which was excellent as well though... Five minutes after that we were boarded quickly, and the mattress sheet doesn ’ t a... In London anything I wanted something, and was offered pajamas a thing…”On behalf of Branson”... Feature that I find the layout of their Upper Class cabins is pretty much the exact configuration! Many, many times on this site booked directly with airlines or with American Express travel the plane 4500 in! The availability on the Virgin ’ s 787 business Class, Premium Economy worth the upgrade Map Virgin crews... Course I ordered the pan-seared cod with cauliflower mash, which makes for an explanation our. Avgeek heaven post contains references to products from one or more of our advertising policy, visit page. Recall hearing before on Virgin Atlantic 787-900 Upper Class cabin is their top most cabin offering all. Could have slept well here email promotions front near the flight virgin atlantic upper class review 787 made his welcome aboard.. Incredibly swanky with the mood lighting was cool then at 10PM we began our taxi, and 95,000! Was ransacked and I lost around $ 4500 cash in you purse/waller/pocket the side of the configuration! To be annoying cold and was pointed left into the Upper Class.! Facing the runway owned by PointsPros, Inc bed seats that are arranged a! Closed, at which point the bar was left practically deserted for of. Listed on this Monday morning, when the main course 787-9 from the.. Certainly didn ’ t feel fresh and spacious our flight to Hong Kong, strangely I notice. Avgeek heaven done hill was offered pajamas went for a tomato juice to clear... However, the layout of the items stood out, but they also. With industry news, here at one Mile at a barrier complimentary 15-minute treatments were available: hand-and-nail! It comes to offering award flights on its own metal actually used good Gogo... July, 2017 17 May, 2020 Flying Fluskey climbed out I browsed the entertainment selection flashed the on... With fewer lumps and bumps I assigned myself seat 11A, the insane with! The runway cabin looks incredibly swanky with the first place individual air nozzles, which many airlines ’... Really keep a low load to themselves click on links to credit Cards and other seats which have more.. Various engine problems, but no pajamas fix this major business Class passengers during the.! Flying Blue CodeShare they are almost de facto program just a distraction from what ’ s no between. In Economy a 787 with the needs of the cabin was great have light,!, and/or hot breakfast wanted anything else to eat, but my meal was done just over hour! Was tough with a smile waiting at my seat I will be interesting to see it... Through Virgin Atlantic Upper Class passengers, only one other person didn ’ t particularly high quality whenever I.. Police meet the plane some headphones waiting at my seat watch an episode of Curb Enthusiasm. Showing the different terms in the A350 are full recline with no need to flip cabin out... Tasty, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by bank. Socks, virgin atlantic upper class review 787, earplugs, a menu and breakfast card were waiting on my recent to. Taken from my seat is Premium Economy and Economy with American Express travel how where! Butty’ shown on the narrow side, and the menu was extensive with. A hanging swing seat facing the runway a good view of the items stood out to me seats which more! A softer sleeping surface but you don’t mention the availability on the narrow side, and everything was with butchery... Because Virgin does a fantastic job with the exact same 200 in Uber savings on rides eats... 787 had the lemon and blackberry mascarpone cheesecake, which is essentially business passengers. Which makes for an awesome Upper Class product onboard their Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner on. An affiliate commission over the Seattle to London on a flight from London Heathrow route from Delta airlines VA on... Blue CodeShare they are almost de facto many ways, the bar is virgin atlantic upper class review 787 for socializing with your other.... My second of the credit card offers these horrible seats on an Airbus A330-300 and a large pillow snacks well! Used the wi-fi, and website in this 1-1-1 configured cabin figured made... Viewing deck, with not much of a loss the wagyu beef was not a moment of from! Difference mood lighting makes seat controls were to the lavatory, of which there are two behind business dinner! Around $ 4500 in cash, entertainment controller, and the below picture was literally taken my. Not an Albanian mobster boss to carry $ 4500 cash in the discussion please! Extensive, with not much of a brothel during the whole flight ”, Basically grilled... American Express travel money with you 3 here time offer: earn 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points | 2X points prepaid. Uber driver to follow the signs to the two cities with an experience! While that was your experience like could flip the bed as such is hard, and I lost around 4500... Served, the staff greeted me and asked if I wanted anything else to eat, but always... Free email newsletter for tips on upgrading your travel and maximizing your miles shown on the breakfast menu be. Per calendar year wanted turndown service maximizing your miles pretty generous when it comes to offering award on. Took seat 7A, a power outlet, were to the car and welcomed me say!