Print/PDF Map. Turn and follow the Deer Leap We were gifted a coolish August day (high was 70 degrees). At around 3/4 miles, there is an unmarked intersection. At 9.2 miles there is a view of the Point of Tongue. At 7.5 miles there are more real nice views. Started out late late late this morning. Deer Leap, Killington – in the fog. left. months[3]="March"; "Solo. 3924.39 m Up Out & back from Deer Leap Trailhead on 9N. Deer Leap is a popular Two big guys with no experience & no reason to be on the trail. var date=time.getDate(); The trail now begins to climb and you might find much of this // End -->. Black Canyon on parking area is N43 39.678 W73 32.711. The resulting views for the hiker who traverses the ridge are sometimes spectacular with vistas of the Lake on both the east and west sides of the Range. At 0.6 miles reach a marked From the parking lot, cross the highway and follow the blue trail. Share. With more than 22 Lake George trails covering 403 miles, you’re bound to find a perfect trail like the Spring Run Trail or Black Bridge Trail. Start of the Tongue While much of the Tongue Mountain hiking entails difficult terrain, Deer Leap starts off of Route 9N after you've gained the necessary elevation by driving. This is about an injury or accident "Started at the Deer Leap trail head & used spikes as the snow was pretty hard. The east end of the Deer Leap Trail is 220 feet north along the Appalachian Trail from the junction of the AT with the Sherburne Pass Trail. The trail ascends 300 feet from over the first 0.6 miles. 292.22 m Down, 141.2 mi Warren Cxoun Five Mile Mountain is a 2 1/2 mile hike from NY 9N / Deer Leap Parking area. Create Recommended Route or Explore the best trails in Lake George, New York on TrailLink. months[2]="February"; At the beginning of the trail, there’s a steep incline to overcome. 2.5 mi Lt. Luhr's remains were removed from the crash site, but most of the airplane's wreckage remains. Brown Mountain is the first mountain in the Tongue Range but is a nice climb as a standalone peak. Deer Leap is a 2 mile hike to a cliff overlooking Lake George. var months=new Array(13); Approximately 0.7 miles from the trailhead is the junction with the Deer Leep trail. This is a popular and easily reached lookout over northern Lake George. Deer Leap Mountain, Sherburne Pass, VT - 11/9/13; Jabe Pond - Lake George Wild Forest - 11/3/13 ... May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. Be aware var lmonth=months[time.getMonth() + 1]; Straight ahead on the yellow trail leads to Deer Leap in under a mile. Straight ahead takes you to Deer Leap in 1 mile. An Adventure Projects staff member will review this and take an appropriate action, but we generally don't reply. Anyway, overcast day with limited views to the Narrows." I hiked the lower portion of the Tongue Mountain Range in Lake George, NY for the first time. At 8.5 miles reach the 1572 foot summit of First Peak. Just above Lake George, it … Spur Trail. This is year = year + 1900; General information on hikingincludes how-to and safety tips and links to rules and regulations. Something else? 959' Down To be totally honest, I am not feeling well and didn’t want to hike at all. The leap is right above you as you start out, but the trail goes 1.2 miles to get there. We hike Deer Leap next to the Inn at Long Trail. document.write(lmonth + " "); !5!5!5 j! W a r d s b o r o R d S c h r o o n R i v er Po le Hi Pond Trl Pole Hi l Pd Thom as & C t Mtn Trails j! This trail starts at the Deer Leap Trailhead off of Route 9N. Buttermilk Pond Island Pond!!8!!8!8!8!8!0!0!!!!! The Lake George 12ster does not guarantee accuracy of any trail information, nor does it guarantee your health and safety on the trail. You will encounter some up-and-down while walking the trail but … This is a rugged route passing through forested terrain with clearings and overlooks along the way. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. As we were begining to come on to this area we saw something standing on shore. There Access Drive to the Lake Pleasant Marina but don't enter. Your FREE account works with all Adventure Projects sites. We started with Thomas and Cat at 6:26am. and at the trailhead. Game fishing is big in Canyon Lake, with species like rainbow trout, largemouth bass, yellow bass, carp and walleye swimming in the water. Photos. View detailed trail descriptions, trail maps, reviews, photos, trail itineraries, directions and more on TrailLink. The Lake George Wild Forest is a popular area for motorized recreational uses and ice fishing, and serves as an important link with the adjoining snowmobile trail network.