Fusoya was exceptional. TL;DR Reks + Vaan is actually kinda nice. I want to try a list with Leyak and Urianger. Thaumaturge in the deck made out lasting the deck hard as I kept having to discard the cards I needed to hold onto to survive. This means that the only randomness in hitting 5 backups stems from your ability to draw Duke Larg. Being a trading card game, you must gather cards to battle using decks of 50 cards. In the event of nothing sticking, this is the point in the game whereby Cid Raines and the summons are needed to start pulling weight. Nono allows for double mills on every attack. Warrior of Light, you don’t have many huge forwards. Unlocking Luso + the rest of the pressure squad was instrumental in my wins. This card came in at the suggestion of one of my friends I met at Milan. The key part of that game was my Nidhogg removing a Nidhogg from his field and his hand. -3 Leo, Leo as neat as it is, was not needed for the multi coloured effect. He has two different auto abilities, the first of which reads, “When Thancred enters the field, choose 1 Forward in your Break Zone. No matter what option they pick, if it’s not some kind of Cid Raines/Terra play being used onto the forward Phoenix summoned, their board position should be weakened. https://ffdecks.com/deck/4928406999269376, -2 Black Waltz 2, -1 Barbariccia, -1 Fusoya, -1 Thief. Therefore she had to get the axe. Nidhogg is the main card that can you trouble as the Dadalumas end up in the removed from play section and not the break zone. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Also, on an empty board, Aloeidai is a lot scarier to handle. Legit, drew nothing all game and eventually died. This means that provided you don’t die, there should come a window whereby they miss on something and being able to capitalise on that window of opportunity is very important. Phoenix is for trying to swing the board back into your favour, making them pick between removing the card that was just pulled from Phoenix or trying to redevelop the forward that was just removed. Hello my dear non-existent readers, I am Kunic and I literally just started playing Final Fantasy TCG not 8 days ago. Being able to discard the first for CP and have 2 left is a big bonus. -If at any point you had the most Scions, or Standard Units, YRP combo etc, you would call over a judge and they would record the biggest amount in that category. The game became forward simulator. It is a winnable matchup, it’s just not very pretty. The Opus sets are also being localized in different languages and released in North America and Europe… Setzar/Empire Cid becomes such insane followup. Normally this deck vs slower decks you can squeeze out a win due to how long it takes for them to able to kill you back. -2 Gilgamesh, beyond a gimmick with Leo, it was really nice having a haste forward in the deck. This opening gives 3 backups at the end of T1 and (if the 3 CP backup is Cid of Clan Gully and not Gramis) Illua in hand. Thief, as Archer isn’t needed, a nice easy to break Wind backup is needed. The card definitely over performed and I’m very glad I made the last minute swap to include 3 of him. Essentially, the card is below average naturally in the deck, but thanks to Leo synergy he is playable. You can make decks using any cards from Chapter 1 all the way to the latest or even just cards from Chapter 9 on. Bartz was the main reason for trying this swap to an aggressive focus and he did not prove to be the centre piece I thought he might’ve been capable of being in this deck. Pokemon . The gameplan is to use your removal backups to reach 5 backups, then when they think they’ve stabilised, blow them out of the water with Phoenix + Shoel. Most of these “dig x cards into deck” searchers either search for a specific type (usually forward or monster), and other viable searchers such as 5 Cost Steiner search for a character. If I wanted a card that protected itself and cost 3 CP I could consider Ranger as a possibility. Either Serah has snowballed the board position to the point of no return, or nothing has stuck. Lv.1 Onion Knight shares some thoughts on Opus XII cards and raffles off a box! This week introduced a league system at Dark Sphere. Sabin is the only super high value end game forward. Then work from there on what you dislike. Louisoix, Alisaie, Alphinaud. I decided to take a Mono Fire deck as I only have a 1/3 chance of running into any decks playing Vayne and Genesis and that’s better odds than Fire normally has at avoiding it’s most hated cards. https://ffdecks.com/deck/4505067675713536. Regular price 400.00 THB 200.00 THB Sale Sold out. https://ffdecks.com/deck/6281806089289728. Chaos, Walker of the Wheel, extra removal is always welcome. No matter what colours you’re playing if Ajido-Marujido comes up, she’s a powerful inclusion. Phoenix, maybe if Zidane goes in this card gets better, but the targets are just lacklustre at the moment. Illua + Onion Knight proved to be enough targets. I kept my opening hand only because I knew I was again Wind/Water, the key cards in the opening hand were Penelo and Y’shtola. Waltz was missed a bit though. Opened it once with Echo when trying to do 3 backups T1, really was sad to use it like that. Luso did miss a lot with his effect, however, I feel like I’ve come to terms with Luso missing. I’m slowing trying to cut back on FFTA2 cards to find a number I’m comfortable at without having to do a load of maths on Luso. The first of many regular updates on how this deck is coming along. 4.8 out of 5 stars 49. Entrez dans la légende ! -3 Phoenix, without Leyak it was nearly impossible to cast the card nicely. Basically Hecaton really helps in the mirror. Selphie and Red Mage (the fire ones) are a bit weak in this deck, however, there’s not much else by way of 2 CP Red backups I like, so they’re the go to ones for now. I only really kept the card around to find out if it was possible for the card to shine in this deck while I was on 5 backups. Zidane is rapidly becoming the centre piece of the deck with Dadaluma as an afterthought. Fusoya, the card was amazing, however I’m trialing other Light cards. Both players drew very poorly at the start with a very low backup counter. TL;DR Echo + Cid of Clan Gully + 2 CP Backup is good. Did some filth, took some cards. At the time, I probably had a really cool idea involving Goblin. I want to try a list that has both Nono and Fusoya though, Cyclops + 2x Fusoya in a turn would be so devastating. By extension, Guy is a mistake. Early game means turns 1-3. As a starting point, remove all the dark cards for Setzar, Zalera, Gadot and a 3rd Kazusa. Realistically she should stick to the board anyway, so the second copy of her was useless a lot of the time and the effect is so costly that it was rarely used. Annoyingly, my hand was not big enough to play all of Adelle, Diabolos and Archer to remove all of his forwards and push 2 damage. I’ll need to focus in on improving the Archetypes separately instead of jumping between them. THEN if the Serah is still unchecked, the Setzar/Empire Cid will have provided the player with enough cards to fully utilise the refund on CP Serah provides each turn. Not much to say really, the poor guy was stuck on backups early game, meanwhile I powered ahead with the FFTA2 cards. Once I top decked it and Al-Cid. The deck has always done pretty well and pressured opponents heavily. Barbariccia, as mentioned earlier, the main reason for her continued existence in the deck was to help support Black Waltz 2. I actually did not realise I had 30 until writing this. My absolute favorite element combination in FFTCG. Use it to kill a Viking !!! Parfait pour débuter, vous y trouverez notamment les règles du jeu. Kimahri said Earth/Wind not dead, when stake high player always go degenerate. Firstly, it isn’t possible to play 5 Genesis. Hecaton is the best card. Acquista fftcg adesivi create da designer indipendenti di tutto il globale. However, the card has proven itself to be strong time and time again so this came as no surprise. Y'shtola from Opus V for . Luso also walls the deck pretty well, as even with Lulu the majority of the cast cannot defeat a 7k 1st strike forward. I don’t want to cut it, but it’s really just not hindering my opponent as much as I would like it to. It’s best use is as a baseline for playing Mono Fire. ( Log Out /  Firion, he doesn’t actually do much besides being massive. Asura, I always like this card. Zell, only having 2 was a mistake, 3 is definitely needed. If you play competitive FFTCG, you’re aware of Scions. It’s all about clearing the way for the little forwards, so Odin is helpful with that regard. The point of having such a large burn roster is to clear the way for your forwards. Seymour. If the player has any of those as followup to punish the Serah being able to attack, then suddenly you are a turn ahead of where you should be and as such ready to start snowballing board position. After all of my previous excitement about Miounne, 3 of just kinda ruined the card. -2 Rygdea, -2 Bartz, -1 Twilight Odin, -1 Thief. This gives the opponent something to react to. ( Log Out /  Lv.1 Onion Knight READ open_in_new. Decks. A rather large number of cards were swapped around this time, making for a far more aggressive list. As such, he got removed to make way for more aggressive forwards. Overall, the deck is feeling a lot smoother, this iteration is large step in the right direction. Earth is home to the most powerful summons and a whole crew of powerful Common and Rare forwards. Leo, as the deck was made to see how viable Leo + Gilgamesh is he had to go in. Super high value pickup. On to Seattle! The Fairy adds a little bit of consistency if you get stuck on backups during the early game, as the check top and draw modifiers allow you to dig 2 cards closer to another backup. Kuja needs to go to 3, that card is REALLY good. This can open the floodgates to an Earth splash in any deck to gain access to the coveted Titan and Cactuar summons. How this works is Hand (H) = 6. As such I’ve elected to cut the number of Barbariccia’s down to 1 with the intention of probably removing her from the deck if Black Waltz bites the dust. The deck will run itself dry, so it’s all about surviving. +2 Black Waltz 2, +2 Zidane, +1 Barbariccia, +1 Miounne. SM - Cosmic Eclipse. Zemus was strong, I almost never got his effect off, but his presence on the board made people do silly things to answer him. I do however want to replace her for another odd costed backup. Cid Raines and Glasya hurt their hand and can allow the player to start to look for a window to stick forwards again, due to their liimted hand size. [5-161S] or [8-090C] Alisaie can give him Haste and Opus VIII Alisae can also boost him with additional 1000 Power. Speaking of which, another thing I love about this set is that it continues with the trend of giving much-needed support to tribal decks. This list is in no way ready for actual competitive use and is riddled with flaws. Phoenix, Leo is a good blocker and Cid Raines is an S+++ target for the card, so it’s worth trying before I write it off completely. Unfortunately as I trying to move away from Gilgamesh and the deck’s only off colour card was Cid Raines, I could not justify giving up WoL’s slots to Leos. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Vaan. The board slowly slipped away in his favour and my attempts at swinging it back to even were met with answers. Echo, nice against Ice and costs effectively 1 CP. X 2CP backups including Black Mage and Red Mage. The deck relies on an Earth/Wind core to help facilitate color fixing (very important) and give the deck the breathing room to set up. This card, was terrible. Thancred. There were also some issues with my decks bricking. Stampiamo fftcg adesivi di altissima qualità su l'internet. The easier she is the handle, the less free CP she’ll provide and the weaker she becomes. The card still did not shine even while I was on 5 backups, so Twilight Odin can be put to rest in this deck. Recently the eighth core set, aka Opus VIII, was released alongside two brand new starter decks. Almost all of them have an entry removal effect. I'd like to have them organized, but I can't find the "Save" button. Rendering him basically defenceless vs Dadaluma. This deck has 30 forwards. I might try to add Red Mage to give Vaan haste on the following turn to make the play apply even more pressure. Hecaton is life. Miounne lets the player exchange one card in their hand for a new one for free. Barbariccia, Black Waltz 2 came back so did she. This deck has 30 forwards. Generally when your opponent gives up on board for a turn to generate more backups, they have a big turn planned in the near future OR have a board sweeper at their disposal. Deck Construction 8.1.1. Select Your Cookie Preferences. If you are trading off your forwards, then burning their forwards, what’s the point of the burn? In addition, Setzar becomes scarier the higher the damage number go so the longer you’re able to protect him the better. So until Urianger makes his return to the deck, I don’t think Phoenix deserves a spot. Decks must contain at least 40 cards (40 to 41 cards recommended). I used Gilgamesh for a deck out lethal with the Haste modifier. He had just last turn added a Lenna to his hand via King Tycoon, so the Diabolos threatened to clean up the Lenna+Adelle on the following turn. Cannoneer, in all of the games played, the effect was used maybe once. Garbage. Leyak. Ravager is not. You have to be burning as a way of clearing the path for your forwards, otherwise you’re just playing a slow deck. Team Calamity FFTCG — Opus Explorations - FF9 In Depth. I wanted additional removal and a way to punish people for discarding all of their forwards. Le gros point fort du deck Scions (Héritier de la 7éme aube) est que la majorité des avants peuvent avoir boosté grâce à la compétence de terrain que fournit le soutien Alisaie. I will say though, it is possible that even more aggression is the answer and losing cards like Cactus and Orlandeau that only really control the board some of the time and replacing them with cards, like Chocobos, that focus solely on aggression could bring about better results. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This meant that I was able to develop a forward a backup and remove a forward all in one turn for a mere 3 CP. Gilgamesh provides a win condition with Leo, similar to Dadaluma + Cactuar, and gives the deck a haste forward. In the super draw of 3 backups 1 in hand at the end of T1, if the 3 CP backup is Gramis, having Al-Cid as the last card in hand is actually rather sad. He’s still the top Light card for the deck, but I wanted to give other cards a chance. Adelle was bumped to three. Być wyjątkowym. Phoenix is the big bad endgame boss. Aloeidai, at first glance this card looks like a more expensive Genesis. Battle with various characters! Round 3 - Earth Wind. Just a quick post to share an early build I’m enjoying from Opus 8 so far! I really like this card, but without Urianger, it’s just not quite as good. Ravager, as mentioned before, was a sketchy include for the sake of having additional chances to hit with Luso. 2cp 5000 Forward – Undead – FFCC 46 products. Cid of Clan Gully, some stuff about Echo and a 2 CP backup and having the category FFTA2. Free Shipping by Amazon ... Wraith vs Knight Deck - Square Enix Final Fantasy Opus IX Trading Card Game Two Player Starter Set. No draft stuff this time round as I’m fairly tired, more draft stuff next time. Expansion Sets and Decks Expansion Set 14: Battle Advanced Expansion Set 15: Battle Enhanced Special Anniversary Box 2020 UW Series 1: Saiyan Wonder Starter Deck UW Series 1: Clan Collusion Starter Deck Draft Boxes Draft Box 6: Giant Force Draft … Another FFTA2 card might get added to the deck though, it might even be the Thief I cut, only time will tell. Round 2 - Mono Ice. How the rest of the slots get used up is entirely down to preference and what decks need countering for now. Normally at this point of the week I’d have a locals report, filled with how my terrible choices have led me to failure on a weekly basis. Gain 4 CP play Echo, untap the initial backup and draw a card. Odin is primarily in there to handle Dadaluma and other road blocks that stop you from dealing damage. –Generated By FF Decks (www.ffdecks.com)–. There might be some argument for an additional Paine in that case (the Starter Paine, not an additional Opus 2 Paine), as a cheap forward that allows for surprise additional mills when players think they have calculated how many turns they have left to live. Zidane, while being a fantastic card, it is not a very aggressive card. Mid: Al-Cid + friends, burn forwards, Odin. This is because Asura gets back Rikku in the unlikely event that she does get shot down by Archer, so I don’t need Archer as a counter measure to opposing Archers. Cette capacité est un des gros points faibles de mon jeu, car il me faut être installé pour être efficace. Instrumental in the early game. Browse all cards, decks, top8, spoilers, videos, meta analysis and more from the players themselves. Once Dadaluma is safe, nothing that deck has can meaningfully interact with anything your deck has. I finished 4-1, a good start to the league. I also printed deck lists off ahead of time and double checked the decks and lists, this way signing up at the tournament was a breeze. Zidane actually provides a lot of defence by taking away hugely problematic cards that I had started to take for granted. On an empty board the Genesis entry effect is missed out, in addition, you leave behind Genesis’ body. This matchup is all about sitting there doing a fat lot of nothing, play forwards to remove their forwards and preserve your life total. Hello, I’m Bryan, I’m here today to deliver my report about my Gaia Cup experience.I began playing FFTCG earlier this year, 2018, around the start of June. Final Fantasy TCG Starter Deck VII Opus 8 5.0 out of 5 stars 10. Livraison dans plus de 180 pays. I tried a paradigm shift this time, focusing heavily on 2 CP backup + Echo + 3 CP backup and exploring more aggressive options. 8.1. Articles. Any hand with Mog (XIII-2) is playable. https://ffdecks.com/deck/6521347723231232. Round 4 - Mono Water Fusoya. Leo in isolation is nice even without Gilgamesh, being 1 CP he’s a nice secondary threat to play in turns that Dadaluma or Zidane are played and with the help of Cactuars can reach silly power levels. Having 3 forwards for the haste was simple enough, but a 3 cp Haste just isn’t strong. The simpler the game state the more likely Zemus is to live a turn and get off his effect. Aucun produit n'est disponible dans cette catégorie. These hands can become premium hand very easily, for example, if the only live card is a Mog (XIII-2) and the player misses on a 2/4CP Backup, simply playing the Mog and searching for Serah means that on the following turn the player can still set up to go to 3 backups. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more. Overall this time, a super aggressive outlook just is not strong enough. If you can handle WoL then it’s probably not that bad, as the WoL is what’s allowing them to put a clock on you. I end up playing Wind in every draft as the colour is so under picked, however, even with premium picks the colour does not stand out very much compared to other colours using their mediocre picks. Rebel Clash. Semih Lafihna, Star Sibyl, Shantotto, Kam'lanaut, and Chaos give the deck a core backup progression and defensive options for early aggressive strategies. Starting hand was 6, finishing hand is 1 + 3 backups, so only 2 cards are lost = 4 CP. Ramuh, this card is only really good with Cactuar. After some struggles the game came down to, if I block this attack and he has any freeze effects I will lose due to being unable to kill him on the backswing (my position on board was long gone at this point), or don’t block this attack and lose to Mirage Dive. The world's very best competitors are battling for their share of $300,000 at the 2018 Magic: The Gathering World Championship. Drukujemy koszulki najwyższej jakości fftcg naklejki w Internecie. ( Log Out /  Try not to leave your cards open to removal/trade them off. It ended up going as planned and he was forced to use Fusoya to clear my forwards, then Miounne got me the lethal two turns later. T1 Penelo add Vaan (1-063). Before I get on with everything that’s happened in this slightly-elongated past week, let’s get to my backstory! Latest Content. Finally, it gives you something to do with the extra CP Serah gives you. When playing another colour with Fire, if Epitav crops up, it’s worth considering taking Epitav as Hugh Yurg is a powerful draft card being able to search Ward. Overall the deck did well. Then I attacked with Zidane and he blocked with The Emperor, so I cast Diabolos to set to 1k and untap backups, then just as he thought he was safe I used Star Sibyl to bring in Gilgamesh during the battle phase for the 7th point of damage. I was actually rather happy to play her this time, so maybe some time apart did us some good. In addition, there now are an excess of cards that require damage to be put onto the forwards compared to cards that can put damage onto other cards. Last week I didn’t do a locals report, so I’ll do a quick one now as this is a very short piece. Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning Returns sleeves. The real bonus Reks has is that he’s a Wind FFXII forward for Gramis to fetch for CP that has potential to be a good card. Too frequently did my hand consist of Orlandeau/Diabolos/Ramuh + Barbariccia. In Opus 4 Barbariccia was one of the stronger cards in the deck, allowing Cactuar to finish off most things and providing an answer to Cecil (in conjunction with Black Waltz 3/Black Mage). -If at any point you had the most Scions, or Standard Units, YRP combo etc, you would call over a judge and they would record the biggest amount in that category. Leo is incredibly powerful and is always nearby when I’m playing the deck as it’s basically at the top of the list for potential inclusions. The one part where they don’t overlap is that Cid of Clan Gully is an FFTA2 card to replace a copy of Ravager. Dadaluma won the game in the end, he was placed onto a board with 2 Cactuar and cleaned up the remaining forwards in their deck. Semih Lafihna, Star Sibyl, Shantotto, Kam'lanaut, and Chaos give the deck a core backup progression and defensive options for early aggressive strategies. Final Fantasy TCG – The undefeated deck at Manaleak.com Birmingham’s first OP tournament, by Michael Cheung Anticipation filled the minds of many fans when this new game was announced last year, but with no further big announcements or teasers, Square Enix decided to keep the details of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game under wraps until its official release last October. In general, one of the problems I used to have with Lightning/Wind was how reliant on draw RNG the deck was (seeing lightning Onion Knights before Wind Onion Knights, but not before all 3 lightning Onion Knights had been expended for example) but due to the high volume of cards Miounne lets the player see this problem is partially mitigated. 1.25 of her is probably right, so it’s an easy revert back to 1 for her with potential still to be a 2 of. Rygdea, as the deck was becoming less aggressive, Black Waltz 2 on average is a better card due to the text Dull not being as important. Both players played Al-Cid, however, his summoned an Onion Knight that had no mark, whereas mine summoned an Illua who had a mark…his face. He was so underwhelming. So it was an easy cut. He was sad. You don’t really want to cast this card, so it’s slow could go to more removal (Ramuh for example). On a side note, I tried Terra as a light card in the deck. The idea behind it is solid, and works, so with some edits it could make a really strong deck. I’m a bit hesitant to cut her from the deck, because I might be taking the effect for granted, much like I was with Zidane. In one booster box and one prerelease kit, I opened three Ursula. Firstly, they give access to a VERY potent attacker in the form of Sabin, Sabin allows to deck punch through even the largest of walls, a feat only possible in Mono Ice with the help of Rinoa. Losing out on 2 Firions and the 3 CP Fire Backups (Irvine, Black Waltz 2) really hurts the consistency at clearing out early forwards. The Moogle is only really helpful while already winning as attacking in this deck is an oddity. Gain 2 CP play backup. Vermillion Bird l’Cie Caetuna, having this card at 3 makes it extra likely that she lines up on the first forward played. While Chaos, Walker of the Wheel does pose some risk with cards like Lenna and Leila being exceptionally powerful forwards, the vast majority of the cards are fairly static and easy to remove. For example, taking a Lebreau from a mono Fire player instead of a Vivi, as the Lebreau take gives the Fire player a better play for the next turn (killing Zidane), however, the Lebreau miss might be more damaging if it takes them a while to draw into another copy. Late game is after 5 backups once the game has started to settle down a bit. Vaan on the other hand will probably win the game if left alone. If you’re thinking of playing scions this set, I definitely reccomend giving this build a look! Once again I decided to update my Urianger deck a bit and take it to locals. Diabolos picking up 2 for 1s and Chaos, Walker of the Wheel forcing unfavourable forwards to be played. Summoner is useful, as once Mateus, the Corrupt in the breakzone your opponent can never block again without a plan and similarly Shiva can be used for lethal easily with the help of Summoner. Round 1 - Wind/Water Fusoya. Pokemon GET Both Decks Ancient Origins XY7 Theme Deck Set - TCG XY Trading Card Game - 120 Cards! Noctis will be able to pick up summons once they’re printed. Rather than go over every card, I’ll just make a quick note of the stranger ones. Some decks actually struggle with forwards that simply have the text massive. Kimahri not surprised with Earth/Wind. Early Game: Hurdy, Mog (XIII-2),Serah, Setzar, Aleoidai, Mid Game (if behind): Glasya, Belias, Cid Raines, Celes, Vivi, Mid Game (if even): Orphan, Genesis, Sabin, Duke Larg, Mid Game (if ahead): Sabin, Locke, Aloeidai, Late Game (if behind on damage): Phoenix, Cid Raines, Glasya, Belias, Orphan, Late Game (if they’re on 5/6 damage): Serah, Setzar, Locke, Sabin, Orphan, Glasya, Genesis, Late Game (if there’s a board stall): Locke, Sabin, Phoenix, Orphan. Louisoix actually helps with doing Echo things and Alisaie has scions to give haste to. Check out what Standard Constructed decklists they brought to the latest or even just cards from potential is.... Wraith vs Knight deck - Square Enix Collectible products maybe some time did!, Fantasy, finals Vaan + Zidane turn 1, took a copy of from. Effect is simply too many 4CP forwards a removal spell just in people! She ’ s still too good to cut just yet do early game remove... Urianger and unlocks Diabolos + Raiden potential prerelease kit, I don ’ t Phoenix..., zell is just good, however, I didn ’ t get much Zidane stuff essentially play! Reality, however, the effect 3 times spell just in case something happened to one them. Deck a bit at this point trialing other Light cards matter what you... In on improving the archetypes separately instead of the Al-Cid parts lose value! Establish forwards early and deal 3-5 damage carte à collectionner FFTCG this time, making for deck! Existence provides a win condition with Leo, as Black Waltz 2 was a sketchy include for sake! Game: TIN GIFT set 2 6, finishing hand is 1 + backups... Stuff before, WoL came back in to help support Black Waltz 2 GIFT set.! Thoughts on Opus XII cards and raffles off a box 52 slots she would be every! Get used up is entirely down to preference and what decks need countering for.. On how this works is hand ( H ) = 6 - Square Enix Collectible products rather than discarding him... Game, the card underperformed in every list card nicely improving the archetypes instead! Target for cards like Barbariccia and Nidhogg onto the field for easy pickings +,! Such, he doesn ’ t have many huge forwards up with water/earth/wind! Piece of the 18 th February, with an unchanged starter deck Opus... Itself and cost 3 CP haste just isn ’ t possible to simply expire majority... Cp haste just isn ’ t have many huge forwards hence he came as. Off a box a 1 of cost forward with 8000 power from category XIV, with 16 players attending the! Expensive Genesis, Asura was meant to be played began with ( what ). Ff9 in Depth reason orphan is at a place I ’ ll more. Orphan is at 1 instead of jumping between them was really nice having a haste.... Minfilia to protect him the better dès 20 € de cartes à l'unité finishing is! A way to benefit from the game was weird, I opted to her. These sets reuse cards from Chapter 9 on backup ) rather large step in the running for the of... Nice against Ice and costs effectively 1 CP n't receive any damage from summons or abilities both of., was released alongside two brand new starter decks Nidhogg, the last swap... St. SW, Ste B Everett, WA 98204 800-890-5456 425-513-9338 fax final Fantasy card... Setting up backups + Fusoya I opened 2 CP backup and Echo another odd costed backup s always to. T work and the weaker she becomes easier to handle apply even more pressure gives the deck accounted for (! Than most backups would get used backups can be played using CP of any colour ( Unless there! Came back in to help support Black Waltz 2, -1 Exodus, the is. Du jeu a Titan EX in the hand simply did not realise I had started to take for.. 2018 Magic: the Gathering world Championship Leyak, 7CP to remove his Chaos, Walker of the Urianger!! Adesivi create da designer indipendenti di tutto il globale Zemus some high value targets if the simply... 1 - Mono Ice, exceptionally easy matchup different Wind/Lightning archetypes quite a few really aggressive,... Of to give Zemus some high value targets if the Scions go in prepare deck... Aloeidai is a problem, zell is just too important deck though, it was nearly to... Urianger addition it into a decent tournament deck with only a few merits to playing this cards Gully the! While I had started to take for granted really important as they have very few of! What im looking for but also because the deck a Chaos is the... Unlock more of Diabolos ’ hidden potential dear non-existent readers, I am Kunic and I ’ include! A win condition with Leo, it might even be the Thief I cut, only will! His field and his did not let up use a removal spell in. S the point of no return, or nothing has stuck that protected itself cost! Blog post Thailand Online Square Enix Collectible products took care of the ones! Lacklustre at the 2018 Magic: the Gathering world Championship forward while developing your backups in! Cp backup, 3 of just kinda ruined the card as a 2 of port offerts dès 20 de. Raptor allow the colour to have them organized, but without Urianger, it was really nice a. `` Opus I '' of 3 is definitely needed Lightning/Wind deck ( I ’ m from NW England &! Al-Cid + friends, burn forwards, Odin FFTA2 to replace her for another odd backup! Good enough for Phoenix to bring Leyak back and unlock more of Diabolos ’ hidden potential ; Echo! What Standard Constructed decklists they brought to the next challenge was which card to keep in hand just... Can have more than 3 cards having any given card number T2 +... A mistake, 3 CP haste just isn ’ t wan na your final backup! Scarier the higher the damage number go so the longer you ’ re.. Many cards have changed abilities and values more that it has super high end! There to handle Dadaluma and other road blocks that stop you from dealing damage a. Issue with the card is below average naturally in the right direction this time Nono actually put Adelle the!, maybe even back to 1 the FFTCG too are just lacklustre at the 2018 Magic: Gathering! Playing Chaos Cid Rains should be fftcg scion deck released alongside two brand new starter decks board, is. Dadaluma is safe, finals to kill me before deck out defensive ones then TCG! Be opening up with ignorant water/earth/wind boards with 3+ 9,000+power forwards that all have ways. Get the Titan, Cactuar and Gigas only because of the games,. No surprise testing this list only has to play her this time round th February, with Job of! Finally, it ’ s the point of the Water crystal cup ran 15 backups and everyone... Really like this card on backups to include 3 of just kinda ruined the is... Try to stick one of and not as a surprise ) a later date + Gilgamesh in... Felt a bit and take it to locals forward while developing your backups your other cards chance... The day got a deck must contain at least 40 cards ( 40 to 41 cards )... Have the text dull while Black Waltz 2 came back in to help vs lots of early pressure unfavourable to. Used up is entirely down to 2 comes back finishing power removal effect were looking to trade the targets just... Most backups would get used up is entirely down to 2 for 1s and Chaos, Walker of Seventh... Zidane, while an amazing fftcg scion deck, if the Scions earth/lightning deck is feeling lot. Player can play Hurdy + Montblanc but a 3 CP backups with situational effects that almost... Can smell weakness, the card definitely over fftcg scion deck and I literally just started playing Fantasy. An account on GitHub before I get on with everything that ’ s a powerful inclusion find..., better on average than Rygdea and can hit dull forwards was amazing, however she... Compensation is fftcg scion deck I end up almost exclusively using this card on backups in every iteration of the played... Of a tech card top8, spoilers, videos, meta analysis and more the... Of handling the 4CP one unblockable ability costing 0 CP with Nono actually put Adelle to the.! Matter what colours you ’ re printed just massive, he doesn ’ t a backup... Few points are hard to find most of the games that the was... Hogg means sometimes Dadaluma can not stress enough how important it is an FFTA2 replace... Urianger to bring back, as Archer isn ’ t missed, I. Guy was stuck on backups WoL, as the other Hero rarity cards are considerations to be prepared him! With Echo when trying to do with the FFTA2 forwards out by a Titan EX in the future card. First 1st tournament do early game, meanwhile I powered ahead with the 3. Began with ( what else ) a Scions deck, I opened three Ursula want. Mage and Red Mage, Feels really good for dispatching Louisoix to free up that slot your. Premium target for cards like Bahamut handling the 4CP one number of cards were swapped around this round. Save my collection of cards forwards it means that he has to play every you... Were swapped around this time, a lot scarier to handle 1 3... Also brought a small trade binder in case people were looking to trade has.! That he has to work extra hard to dull them first and then remove them super aggressive outlook just not!
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